19. [name] + ?? (eo-mma) – [name]’s the reason mommy

19. [name] + ?? (eo-mma) – [name]’s the reason mommy

To have a woman having merely a pal, you can make use of ?? ?? ?? (yeojasaramchingu), which translates as “female individual buddy.” And just such as for instance ?? (namchin), ???? can shortened so you can ?? (yeochin).

fourteen.?? (a-nae) – partner

Curious what the Korean title for spouse are? There are but the practical and more than well-known word is actually ??, obvious once the anae. Here is the equal out of ?? (nampyeon).

fifteen. ?? (saek-si) – partner

That it remarkably feels like the fresh new English word sexy, but ?? (saeksi) mode an early maiden otherwise bride. And ??? (seobangnim), newly weds of olden times used these types of terms and conditions to handle each almost every other. Nowadays no matter if, playing with ?? (nampyeon) and ?? (anae) is more popular.

16. ??? (wai-peu) – wife

The newest Korean language is constantly changing and you can the fresh new slang and you will Konglish (combination of Korean and you can English) terms and conditions is emerging day to day.

??? is just the Konglish enunciation of one’s English keyword partner. Much more about Koreans are employing this title now.

17. ??? (gong-ju-nim) – little princess

If you find yourself a guy therefore desire to use a nice endearment from inside the Korean for your girlfriend, you could potentially name their unique ??? (gongjunim).

?? (gongju) form princess and you may such as in the list above, ? (-nim) is actually extra as part of an honorific name. Consider it including managing their girlfriend as royalty.

18. ??? (gwi-yo-mi) – cutie

One of several cutest Korean regards to endearment, practically and figuratively, try ??? (gwiyomi). If you feel the term are familiar, it’s because the fresh new aegyo-filled Gwiyomi Song took Korea and you may China of the violent storm away from late 2012 in order to 2013. A number of K-pop music artisans secured which song.

??? (gwiyomi) evolved on phrase ??? (gwieopda) which means that lovely. Even though the name try gender-natural, alot more men state so it on their girlfriends as compared to almost every other means doing.

So again, when your infant’s name’s ?? (Minho), the mother will be called ?? ?? or Minho eomma. Perhaps one of the most fundamental Korean regards to endearment, this might be used by new husband, in-laws, and people away from quick friends.

20. ?? ??? (uri-gang-a-ji) – our very own puppy

You should never ask me personally why boyfriends should telephone call their girlfriends puppy but in any case, it is one of many well-known Korean regards to endearment you to certain parents also use for their high school students.

Korean terms of endearment or an approach to address household members

Even though these are maybe not Korean regards to endearment by itself, these words also are nice additions to the code, particularly if you anticipate generating Korean family:

  • ?? (chin-gu) – friend
  • ?? ?? ?? (nam-ja-sa-ram-chin-gu) – male pal
  • ?? ?? ?? (yeo-ja-sa-ram-chin-gu) – feminine friend
  • ?? ?? ?? (je-il mouth-han mouth-gu) – companion
  • ??? ?? (jeol-chin-han chin-gu) – higher Italienska heta fruar friend or close friend
  • ?? (jeol-chin) – shortened sorts of jeolchinhan chingu

A special fun term understand try ?? (bepeu), which is a slang, reduced identity in the Konglish statement ??? ??? (beseuteu peurendeu) otherwise closest friend. For those who as well as your companion commonly Koreans, but share a familiar fascination with all things Korean, you will want to buy which endearment for each and every almost every other?

Respectful code is huge when you look at the Korea and this reaches actually amicable relationships. Oppa, hyung, and unnie are among the well-known way of approaching friends of different decades. You should check this listing of honorific terms and conditions.

Things to contemplate while using this type of Korean regards to endearment

When you’re reading Korean as well as have a Korean partner, playing with Korean terms of endearment isn’t only a cool way of getting beyond “book Korean.” It is extremely a great way off demonstrating passion and in some cases, reverence to suit your mate.